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I’ve just finshed two more bridal afghans. Only one left and then I can start on gifts for the Fall. And then I can start on Christmas.

for Katie

for Jenny


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Charlie actually closed the pattern book that was resting on the end of the chair with his nose and then climbed up to sit with me. He has his moments for sure.

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I got some time this afternoon while downloading Gilmore Girls for my iPod to finish the handles on my yellow market bag. (you can find the pattern here) I love this pattern because it is super quick and easy to make and I can modify it to meet my needs. I shortened the handles on the yellow bag from ch70 to ch55 because I plan on using it as my library bag but I’m still not sure if I like this length either. I love the length of the green bag for produce and other groceries though. I’ve used it twice and even got complimented by the woman at the checkout last week.

every pic should have a dehumidifier in it

...and a treadmill

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I’ve decided to use this blog as a place to keep a record of my projects. I have pictures saved on every computer and random hard drive in the house (with the intent of creating a scrapbook with them) but as that is never going to happen this seems like the next best thing. And now that I’m taking a short break from crocheting (and by short break I mean crocheting 3/4 days a week instead of 7) and learning new skills (knitting! sewing!) this seems like the perfect time to do this. And it might help me remember to take pictures of the finished project before giving it away.

Recent afghans:

for Katlyn

from Crochet Today magazine

for colleen

for colleen again

I modified this pattern (http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90545AD.html?noImages=&r=1)

for Steph

for Steph again

And because it is nice to see Eddie using his Christmas present…

Eddie and his Twins blanket

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